And how you can do it easily too.

tldr; It’s sick; check it out:



I use facebook messenger a lot. It’s been my go to messaging platform for years, as traditional SMS (android messaging) sucks.

The idea for building out this analysis came from when my previous analysis could…

Ejecto seat cuz

I hated the radio that came with my car. It was bulky, had a CD player, confusing design, and worst of all, made all my songs sound like I had a blown out bass.

After searching online for a plug and play replacement, I couldn’t find what I was looking…

Back story

Its my senior year at college, and I have to make the move to a new place halfway across the great country of the US of A. …

Dumb stock photo

Do you know who Garey Vee is?

Gary Vee is a successful business man who has turned into a social media sensation for his powerful talks on working hard, and how to become successful.

People follow him religiously — and for good reason, he is an excellent speaker and a…

End product

In this tutorial I will run you through how to build your own simple website.

In pt.2 I will also describe how to deploy the website!

This tutorial is for everyone — including absolute beginners!

Also if you want to poke around in the code without copying and pasting, take…

Note: This tutorial has a heavy reliance on terminal. It may seem daunting, but I believe anybody can follow along. If you are on windows, click on the links below, and they will have guided instructions for windows users too.

So, you finished pt.1 add link, or you were lazy…

Luc Olsthoorn

Software Engineer - Full stack

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